5 Simple tips to help you have a good day
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5 Simple tips to help you have a good day

Simple tips to help you have a good day.

Is it just me, or are there people who just always look like they are having a good day? People, who seem happy and content every day of their lives?

Well, hi, I am one of those people. As I walk around school from class to class and just up and about doing my own thing, I meet people, and they ask me how I just always seem to be happy and having a good day all the time.

I’m here to give you all the tea on just that, the next time they ask me that I can be like well you can just go to my blog and read all about it.

1. Positive attitude

The first and most important part of the day is having a positive attitude. No way can you have a good day waking up with negative vibes.

So the first and most important thing you have to do is have a positive attitude towards the day. I mean it’s a new day for gosh sakes, it’s a second chance, a clean slate to try again, the glass is always half full.

2. Wake up early

Something else I do to have a good day is wake up early, I shall explain.

First of all, I don’t wake up early every day, I just purpose to wake up early when I have something important to do which is almost every day but most days I would say.

When I wake up early I find that I have enough time to do everything I have set out to, and it simply sets me on the path to having a very good day. Why? Because I get to do everything I have set out to do that day and being productive just makes me super happy.

3. Gratitude

I will first say that practicing gratitude changed my life.

Practicing gratitude is a sure-fire way to not only have a good day but also have a good life, waking up in the morning, and instead of waking up and being a morning grouch you should wake up and say thank you, be grateful to be awake, be grateful for your health, that you can breathe that new morning and that your body is working as it should.

There are so many things to be grateful for, and I find that when I wake up, and I am just full of gratitude it just spills into the rest of my day and I just find myself gliding through the day.

4. Have a to-do list

Something else I do to have a good day is write a to-do list. The best way to go about it and how I go about it is to write my to-do list for the following day, the day before.

Why do I go about it that way? Because it allows me to prepare mentally for the things I have to do and so when I wake up to face my to-do list I can flow seamlessly and guess what this does, it reduces my stress levels significantly. Really you should try it.

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5. Prioritize

The next thing I do to have a good day is prioritize.

I make sure that the most important things I have to do in the day are always, always at the top of the list without fail.

Again, this has to do with the stress levels I have to deal with in the day, knowing that all the important things on my to-do list have been checked off my list takes a great deal off my mind. It helps me up my productivity and as I said before the most productive days are the happiest ones.

6. Have positive affirmations

A bonus thing I do for myself is I have positive affirmations.

Yes, I do talk to myself. Some positive affirmations I use are, you are beautiful. You are brilliant, you are amazing, and you are going to have an amazing day. You are productive, you get things done.

The positive affirmations can be whatever you want them to be, these are mine, but feel free to come up with your own.

I think that the main take-home is that whether you have a good day or a bad one is entirely up to you. Do not give that power away. Yes, I have not-today-Satan days too, but I really try and remind myself that most drama is about those other people and that I have the power to simply step out of the chaos and walk away.

This last one was like cracking the Da Vinci Code. Knowing that I have the power to step out of the chaos and have a good day regardless was like the greatest discovery of my life. Own your happiness, own your peace, on your good day, it is yours after all, so act like it.

What do you do to make sure you have a good day? Let me know in the comment section below.

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