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How to choose a college major | The ultimate guide

If you’re wondering how to choose a college major, then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Choosing a major can be tricky, especially if you have multiple passions or don’t know what kind of career you want. The reality is that many students change their majors. According to a 2020 study on college students […]

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10 Great tips to help you navigate college as an introvert

10 Great tips to help you navigate college as an introvert. As an introvert, I had days I found college draining and exhausting because I was always surrounded by people and noise. If you’re an introvert, you might have experienced similar feelings.  For that reason, I decided to put together a few tips that I […]

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5 Important reasons why you need to graduate college with a high GPA

5 Important reasons why you need to graduate college with a high GPA. Why is your college GPA important? Why do you need to graduate college with a high GPA? It’s a million-dollar question, isn’t it? Not really, but it’s important all the same. In this blog post, we look at 5 crucial reasons why. […]

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What to do when your college professor is a jerk

We join college with hopeful dreams. We imagine that our days will be filled with challenging new concepts and intellectual banter with our fellow academics and that all the professors are brilliant and mature and on and on and on, right? Or was that just me? Either way, no one expects to have their professor […]

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How to overcome burnout in college

According to WHO, burn-out is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one’s job or in our case, school, and or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job. Of course, […]

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How to decide whether to commute or move into college dorms

This is a conversation I had with a lot of my acquaintances when I was a freshman in college. A lot of students eventually have to decide. I mean if your college is in another state then, of course, moving closer to campus is a no-brainer however what if it’s in the same state, but […]

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How to stay attentive during your college classes

Stay attentive during your college classes with these 5 tried and tested tips that helped me through my undergrad. Admittedly, some classes can be more engaging than others. That’s just how it is. Not all classes will be your favorite. Some will make that cut, while others will fall well below the mark. The important […]

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10 Essential college classroom etiquette to observe

So many times in college I remember cussing someone out in my mind because they simply lacked College classroom etiquette. You would think that one would have learned classroom etiquette what with being in school their whole life until they got to campus, but that simply wasn’t the case. A lot of the people who […]