How to choose a college minor
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How to choose a college minor

If you are wondering how to choose a college minor, you clicked the right post. Although it may seem like an afterthought, your minor can be an important part of your college experience. 

You can either choose a minor that supports and complements your major, or a minor that is completely different from your major and round out your education. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind while choosing.

What is a college minor?

A College minor is a secondary area of specialization beyond a college major. Undergraduates typically complete 16-30 credits to earn a minor. 

College students do not have to declare a minor to graduate. Undergraduates may use minors to complement their major or explore a different discipline.

How to choose a college major

How to choose a college minor

1. Choose a Minor to Complement Your Major

The most straightforward way to choose a college minor is to select from degree programs that are related to your degree program’s focus. 

For instance, if you’re getting an online BS in Business Administration with a healthcare management concentration, you could choose to minor in health studies to increase your overall expertise. 

Basically, choosing a minor is a great way to enhance any bachelor’s degree.

2. Choose a Minor to Balance Your Education

Choosing a college minor in an unrelated field of study can help you expand your general knowledge and understanding of the world. 

While employers value the expertise, they also appreciate job applicants who’ve demonstrated a willingness to reach beyond their comfort zone. 

If you’re getting a Bachelor’s in Accounting, you might want to minor in political science and public administration. The two may not seem related, but together they could make you a better-rounded employee—and an ideal candidate for job opportunities requiring specific skill sets.

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3. Choose a Minor That Lets You Follow a Passion

Choose a minor that allows you to work in a  field that you are passionate about and interested in. 

Considering the fact that we spend the majority of our adult lives working, it’s important that the work is in a field that we are passionate about.

4. Choose a college minor that aligns with your career goals

The college minor you choose should be a course that complements your career goals and ambitions. For instance, if you are in hotel management, then a great minor would be a foreign language of the country you aspire to work in.

That might be a bad example, but the point is that your college minor should be in line with your career ambitions.

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