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6 Important reasons to care about your mental health in the workplace

Reasons to care about your mental health in the workplace can seem trivial. Until you’re having a full-on mental breakdown in the office bathrooms. I’m talking crying, shaking, the whole nine yards. Suddenly, it’s not so trivial anymore. So funny story, when I was doing research for this blog post, there wasn’t a single post […]

11 mins read

14 Simple ways to care for your mental health in the workplace  

Wondering about ways to care for your mental health in the workplace? You’re not alone.  Most working professionals spend at least one-third of their lives at work. No wonder then that our jobs can have such a huge influence on our overall mental health and wellbeing.  From a never-ending to-do list to after-hour emails. Work […]

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How to stay motivated at your job | 10 Easy Tips

How to stay motivated at your job, how does one achieve this? If this is something that’s on your mind, I assure you, you’re not alone. Just a few months ago, I was on the brink of quitting my job.  Motivating yourself is hard. Sometimes trying to sustain your drive through a task, a project, […]

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Workplace burnout | How to recognize and recover from it

Workplace burnout is more common than we think. That’s not a good thing, though, and we need to work on changing this. According to Deloitte’s marketplace survey on burnout, professionals today are undoubtedly feeling the pressure of an ‘always on’ work culture, causing stress and sometimes leading to burnout. Deloitte’s external marketplace survey of 1,000 […]

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How to start a new job working remotely

A comprehensive guide on how to start a new job working remotely, along with pointers for your first day and your first week. Just got a remote job, congratulations! Starting a new job remotely might not seem ideal and may present extra challenges. However, if you can handle this, you can handle anything.  What exactly […]

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How to choose a college major | The ultimate guide

If you’re wondering how to choose a college major, then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Choosing a major can be tricky, especially if you have multiple passions or don’t know what kind of career you want. The reality is that many students change their majors. According to a 2020 study on college students […]