Internship documents for USIU students
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Internship documents for USIU students

Internship Documents For USIU Students. As you begin your internship process you will quickly find out that you need four important documents and if you are confused as to what those documents might be I shall link the blog post I wrote on the internship process for USIU students here.

There are four main documents and I wanted to just briefly explain what they are and why they are important and their purpose. The four documents include:

  • The internship contract
  • The indemnity form
  • The interns’ daily diary
  • The internship evaluation form

The internship contract

This is a document between you and your employer for the school’s records. This is like your second internship contract. You will have the one you sign as you are beginning your internship and the one you will get from the school website that will be signed and stamped by your place of internship and sent to the internship office.

The indemnity form

This is a document that you sign that clears the school of any liabilities involving any damages done at your place of work or any injuries you might incur at your place of internship. It is a form that legally says that you are fully responsible for anything going on at your place of work and that USIU is not to be legally sought after in case of any problems you cause in your place of work, so please behave responsibly.

The intern’s daily diary

This is basically exactly what it sounds like. You will fill this in on a weekly basis and have it signed by your work supervisor every time you complete a document. Each has ten slots total so every ten working days you shall have that document signed after you have filled in what you have been doing at work and your clock in and out ties.

The internship evaluation form

You will be the one to download this form however this form is NOT for you. This form is for your work supervisor. This will be how they communicate with your internship lecturer. This form will evaluate your performance in key areas which include:

  • Intern’s attendance record
  • Professionalism/Intern’s conduct
  • Willingness to perform assigned work
  • Willingness to follow instructions
  • Ability to meet set deadlines
  • Quality of intern’s work
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to offer new and innovative ideas
  • Analytical thinking capabilities
  • Overall performance of the intern

That dear friend concludes the internship documents. If you have any questions at all be sure to leave them in the comment section below. Also, let me know if this post was of assistance to you and share it with someone who needs it. Until the next time, wear your mask and keep a healthy social distance!

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