How to create a good rapport with your college professors in 7 simple steps
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How to create a good rapport with your college professors in 7 simple steps

How to create a good rapport with your college professors in 7 simple steps.

So you have successfully joined college, congratulations! Now then, if you’re a smart college student, you’re wondering how to create a good rapport with your college professor from day 1.

Here is your answer :).

Before I tuck into this blog post, though, I shall sidebar by saying that it’s impossible to get along with all your professors.

I’m not telling you this to imply that you should try to create a professional relationship with all your professors because some of them are simply sour and others are just not interested, so make sure you read your professor and see if they are worth your time and effort.

This will be of great use to you when you need letters of recommendation, so make sure that by the time you are coming out of college you at least have three professors who you can ask for a letter of recommendation.

Without further ado, here is how to create a good rapport with your college professors.

1. Attend all your classes.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, at college, attendance is everything!

Showing up counts for a lot, so attend all your classes. Most students are foolish enough to think that their professors don’t know them, in the time I took to get to create a professional relationship with my professors I learned that they know all their students by about week three.

That means they know you by name, and face, and by the end, they even know you by your admission number so attend your classes.

If you are ditching class just know that they know, and they are not amused because that shows that you are irresponsible and there is no way a professor will waste their time and energy on an irresponsible adult.

2. Be punctual in all your classes

It might seem like something small, but being punctual in their classes shows that you are excited and looking forward to taking their class, and when this goes on for a couple of weeks they will start associating you with that very admirable quality, so do keep it up.

Being punctual will give you a chance to interact with your professor when the class has only a handful of students, and sometimes it will only be the two of you.

Use that time to talk about relevant current affairs that have to do with their course, you will be pleasantly surprised by the effect that will have.

3. Observe classroom etiquette

The third thing you can do to create a good rapport with your college professors is to simply observe classroom etiquette.

Here is a free tip, sit in the front of the class, this will naturally create a good relationship with your professor if you are a well-behaved student.

Why? How so? Because they have their eye on you, whether they like it or not, and they can see that you are taking notes and paying attention to their lecture throughout. This should go without saying, but don’t check your phone. It is class time!

At least respect your professor’s time. This little thing in a class full of entitled millennials will go a long, long way, trust me your professor will perceive you as mature and responsible and will be willing to hear out your requests.

Classroom etiquette also goes for talking in the classroom, I mean, what are you doing in there if all you came for was to gossip, please do that outside. By talking while class is in session, you are disrupting both the lecture and other students trying to concentrate, so please be mindful of your classroom etiquette.

Finally, be respectful of other student’s thoughts and opinions, listen when others are speaking, and make a valuable contribution when appropriate.

Don’t be one of those students who speak in class just because they have vocal cords that work. If you are going to say something in class, just make sure it is adding value to the discussion at hand, or just don’t say anything at all.

4. Be diligent and conscientious

The fourth thing you can do to create a good rapport with your college professors is to be diligent and conscientious.

Being diligent in this case means being on top of all your assignments and studies. I’m sorry to say this, but there is just no way you and your professor will get along if you are not an A or strong B student. I just haven’t seen that happen in the past, and I don’t see that happening now.

You need to make sure that you do all your assignments properly, do all your readings too, and hand in all your assignments on or before the deadline. If you want a mutually respectful relationship, then you must show them that you are worth your salt and do well in their class.

Being conscientious means taking initiative in their class. Show them that they can depend on you to act as a bridge between themselves and the students.

Take initiative and help out as much as you can and when allowed to be their class representative do not let that opportunity escape you. Remember, as a class representative you get all your professor’s contact information, so take advantage of such opportunities.

5. Participate in Class

I have mentioned this briefly in classroom etiquette, but I shall mention it again as an independent point. Classroom participation is your chance to show that your brain works fast, most topics are related to the course but are brought up randomly for the professor to see how his students think outside the memorization game that is test-taking.

This is your chance to shine. You don’t always have to have the right answer, you can google very fast whatever he/she is asking and give the answer after one or two students have spoken, it’ll still count. This is also when the professor takes note of the sharp students, so you don’t want to be missing in the number.

6. Ask questions

The sixth thing you can do to create a good rapport with your college professors is to ask questions.

Ask questions and take advantage of consultation hours, and know that everything is online write them an email and show that you are interested in their class.

It also doesn’t have to be something from their material, it could even be something recent you saw online that is directly related to their course, ask them about it or say that you wish to discuss it in class, so you can also hear your pears thoughts on the same.

7. Dress code

USIU is an American institution and as such the dress code is very lax, just wear whatever you want, actually. Here is the thing that no professor will ever discuss in class, your dress code will affect how your professors interact with you.

You want to make sure you are dressed in a way that isn’t overly revealing. This one boils down to your objective.

If your objective is to show off your assets then, by all means, show off your assets, however, if your objective is to make them forget what gender you are and focus solely on the fact that you are a brilliant individual then the way to do that is by dressing appropriately.


I shall conclude by saying that you won’t get along with all your professors. Sadly, some of them will have values that you won’t be able to get behind. Some of them are there for the wrong reason and so it makes it difficult to create a professional relationship, so don’t be frustrated.

You have 40 units, 40 unique opportunities to create a great rapport and a professional relationship with your professors, so don’t get frustrated :).

I really hope you find this helpful and if you do then please let me know in the comment section below and share this with your like-minded colleagues. Until the next time, wear your mask!

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