3 Simple things that helped me get over my writer’s block
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3 Simple things that helped me get over my writer’s block

I have recently had a horrible writer’s block because of the change in routine, I must admit I could stand to be more flexible because as it is now I am really NOT!

The change in routine totally threw me off then we all had to live together while this whole COVID thing is happening which isn’t great because I’m an introvert, I need my space and when I don’t get it I go a little crazy which I did, but it’s like since that little episode I am just light enough to write again.

I found that even though my spirit was willing my body was weak lol like I had to literally drag myself to my laptop and all I would do is stare at it for hours to no avail what I love about writer’s block is that I am not special or unique in that I am the only blogger who experiences this.

I know that there are so many others who just like me go through periods of time when you just can’t write, I mean you want to, in your heart of hearts you want to write but your brain and your hands just won’t cooperate, well don’t worry friend, you will be pleased to know that you are not the only one, and also it is completely normal.

Quick disclaimer though, this won’t be one of those ten things you can do to get over your writer’s block, this is more realistic, and it is the three things that got me writing again.

I know the quantity is little, but I assure you the quality is tried and tested, and the proof isn’t in the pudding this time it is right here, well you have a blog post to read, don’t you? 🙂

3 Simple things that helped me get over my Writer’s block

1. Start writing

The first thing I did to get over my writer’s block was to start writing. I know it seems strange, but I’m just being honest about what I did.

I told myself to write something even though it was a sentence, even though it was terrible, in fact, I told myself that the worse it was, the better because who can’t use a good laugh?

And once you start writing, you realize that if you can write something bad, then you can write something good.

2. Go outside!!!

This was before I decided to actually sit down and write. The house right now feels pretty cramped and suffocating and in all honesty, it was suffocating everything inside me including my will to live let alone my creativity so this one day I decided that the weather was good enough for a picnic, so I grabbed a mat and had a little picnic by myself.

I just lay there looking up at the sky and the trees and the bees, and felt the breeze on my face, in my hair on my skin…

The sun felt so warm and healing and the fresh air felt like this soul cleanser and together the elements just made me feel alive again somehow and two days later here we are

So if nothing else works, just go outside, the elements are the answer, sometimes the simple answer is the right one you know? Take a walk, have a picnic, and go outside.

3. Remember why you started

This was actually today, something inspired me to watch blogging-related videos on YouTube.

Watch motivational videos, remember why you started to remember why you’re doing all this, and also remember where you want it to go.

This was especially important for me because I hadn’t thought about this in a while, in a long while, in fact, I had almost completely forgotten about all this. It was so nice and refreshing to remember or should I say to be reminded because I just couldn’t on my own.

Long story short writer’s block happens to everyone even to the best of the best writers, so try this I mean it definitely worked for me so who knows it might work for you. If it does, be sure to let me know.

As usual, Lovelies, thank you so much for choosing to spend part of your day with me, you being here literally makes my day. Be sure to hit the like button and share in the comment section below any tip I might have left out that helps you get over your writer’s block.


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