How to reconnect with your job | 8 Effective tips 
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How to reconnect with your job | 8 Effective tips 

How to reconnect with your job. That can be a million-dollar question, right? 

Not too long ago, I was seriously contemplating quitting my job. So believe me, when I tell you that first, I understand.

And second, when applied, these tips could help you reconnect with your job. They are the same tips I applied to help me reconnect with my job.

8 ways to reconnect with your job | Simple and actionable

We disconnect without jobs for any number of reasons, could be that we are burned out, or we are feeling like we are not valued, or could be a combination of reasons. 

Regardless of the root cause, a multi-solution approach is all but guaranteed to fix what is broken and help you reconnect with your job.

1. Go back to the drawing board 

The first thing you can do to reconnect with your job is to go back to the drawing board. What do I mean by that?

Go back to when you saw this job listed. What made you apply for it? What made you excited when you got the interview and finally landed the job? In the early days, what did you find exciting about holding your post? 

Going back to the drawing board will help you know whether what you are experiencing is a temporary slump or a sign that it’s time for you to find a new opportunity. 

2. Shift your mindset

The second thing you can do to reconnect with your job is to shift your mindset. 

Our mindset is our established set of attitudes held regarding something, in this case, our job. This is an opportunity for you to do some self-reflection and soul-searching

Self-reflection allows us to stop playing the victim. Self-reflection allows us to look at situations objectively and find a clarity that allows us to move forward. 

Upon self-reflecting, I realized that I was sick of building someone else’s dream and that I wanted to give that drive, passion, and dedication to my own dream, and so here we are. 

If you’re new to self-reflection, don’t worry. I’ve written a whole blog post dedicated to helping complete beginners ease their way into self-reflection.

3. Get inspired

The third thing you can do to reconnect with your job is to try to get inspired. This is what “going back to the drawing board was for”.

There is power in retracing our steps. There is also power in self-reflection. The combination of the two could help reignite the spark you once had for your post. 

4. Look for opportunities to learn

The fourth thing you could do to reconnect with your job is to look for opportunities to learn. If you’re someone who gets excited about learning new things, then it means that you have to constantly learn new things.

Look for areas at your job that you can improve. What can you do better? Where can learning something new make you more efficient at delivering results? 

5. Re-evaluate your values

In the day-to-day hubbub, it can be easy to forget why we’re doing what we’re doing. But Slim advises we go back to our first principles.

Examine your own values, interests, and beliefs. What do you believe? Why do you believe it? 

Then, examine the purpose of your post and see where your values and beliefs intersect. 

When you see how living your values contributes to the organization, you get re-energized. And if you don’t, that could be a sign it’s time to pursue other opportunities.

6. Apply your strengths

Work can feel like drudgery if you’re constantly having to do things you don’t enjoy. Which brings us to the sixth thing you can do to reconnect with your job.

Counteract doing tasks you don’t enjoy by employing your strengths, which makes work feel both easier and more fun.

For instance, if you know you’re a great mentor, you can boost your sense of purpose by reaching out to a younger person and offering to help with their career. 

This can apply to various other tasks. Focus on what you are good to that and delegate the things that suck the joy out of doing your job. 

7. Take a break

This cannot be emphasized enough. Take time to relax and re-evaluate. This is crucial to reconnecting with your job. It’s also crucial if you’re going to make the jump into your next opportunity.

Taking a break will allow you to get some perspective, so be very deliberate about this. 

8. Live your “why” every day

You can’t just binge on meaning a few times a year and expect to feel OK about your work and your business the rest of the time. It’s important to connect with your values as a regular part of your job.

Make time each day to do one thing around your ‘Big Why,’. 

If you make the choice to continue holding your post, ask yourself why you have made this choice. And live that why each day. Remind yourself first thing in the morning and last thing before you fall asleep at night.

Final remarks

Don’t underestimate the power of repetition. It’s not enough to read a blog post on reconnecting with your job. 

You have to live the solution for it to take effect.

Understandably, what will work for one person won’t work for another. 

However, of the eight tips shared on this post about How to reconnect with your job, surely two or three are guaranteed to save you. 

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