Why college is not for everyone
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Why college is not for everyone

Let’s examine why college is not for everyone with 6 valid reasons. While I love college and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to get a college education, I must admit that college is not for everyone. It’s a huge time commitment.

It’s tasking and will stretch you as an individual. It’s also very expensive except in the countries where it is free or subsidized by the government.

Why college is not for everyone

1. Cost

This is pretty self-explanatory but I shall briefly explain. Because college is expensive not everyone will have the resources to attend.

And it’s not just tuition fees, it’s also the cost of being in college, all the other accompanying fees, and also the cost of buying books, insurance, and activity fees to name a few.

2. Commitment

Going to college is like working for a company for four years only instead of them paying you, you are paying them. It is a huge time commitment.

Between classes and assignments, it is 9:00-5:00 in itself. I noticed that some students would drop out simply because the commitment was too much for them.

3. Relevance

There are courses that are losing relevance. There’s nothing more annoying than doing something for four years only to graduate with no job.

4. Internet

Thanks to the internet you can pretty much teach yourself how to do anything. There are so many online resources where individuals can learn to do pretty much anything which only leaves the fields that are highly regulated in which case formal training would be required.

5. Debt

This comes from the cot issue. Because not all students have parents who can finance their college education, some have to resort to taking student loans which could take years and years to pay off.

6. Return on investment

Finally, there is the issue of return on investment. The truth is that not all degree careers pay well. It is important to think about the end game as well as what the potential pay is to see if it is worth your time.

You don’t have to go to college. Thanks to social media and the internet you can make a living doing whatever you want and no path is right or wrong.

And neither path guarantee’s anything, not money and not happy so you should choose the path that feels right based on pros and cons that are specific to you. If you make the choice for yourself then there is no one to blame if it fails right?

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