Where to find internship opportunities as a USIU student
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Where to find internship opportunities as a USIU student

Where To Find Internship Opportunities As A USIU Student. As it neared time for me to choose a place to intern I couldn’t help but panic a little because I simply didn’t know where to start looking but I figured it out and hopefully with this post, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. Here are places you can find internship opportunities as a USIU student:

  • Placement and career office
  • School email
  • Symplicity

Placement and career office

This office is basically the link between you and the working world and should be your first resource for all your career needs. I would urge you as a USIU student to take full advantage of it. Don’t worry though I plan on writing an article about the placement and career office and all their services. The placement and career office will help you look for internship opportunities taking the stress and anxiety out of the equation for you. It is on the first floor of the Frieda Brown Student Centre, take a left after exiting the stairs or elevator, it is nestled with the registrar’s office.

What’s the procedure once you get there? It’s simple, there are these people called career advisors you simply knock on their door, enter, say hi to them, and tell them you are looking for internship opportunities and need help finding them.

School email

The place I wound up interning at was a place that was advertised on the school email believe it or not so the school email is a tried and tested resource. When you are registering as a new USIU student you get a school email so all you have to do is check your school email for opportunities. Why the school email? All the departments in the school communicate with USIU students via the school emails that means if a company has communicated with the placement and career office looking for interns or if the internship office has seen something they will communicate all that via the school email so check it frequently.


This is a resource I learned about from the placement and career office, it is a website and app where companies post opportunities and is a great resource for you as a USIU student. I shall leave you a link below for your convenience.

Website: https://usiu-csm.symplicity.com/students/?jobRedirectUrl=P3NlY3Rpb249am9ic19kaXNjb3Zlcg%3D%3D&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jobs_campaign&utm_campaign=new_trending_jobs_ver1_2020_42&signin_tab=0

App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.symplicity.csmandroid&hl=en_US&gl=US

I really hope this helps. As I got closer to doing my internship I got really anxious and frustrated because I didn’t know where to start so I hope this will take a great deal off your mind. If these don’t help then of course there is always the internet :).

If you found this helpful please let me know in the comment section below and share this with someone who needs it. Until the next time wear your mask and keep a healthy social distance!

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