7 Things to do between classes in USIU
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7 Things to do between classes in USIU

When I first joined USIU breaks between classes were so tedious because I didn’t know what to do with myself. This was before I made any real friends, so I couldn’t just hit someone up, and even if I did perhaps they had a class or something at the time. As a result, I had to find things to fill my time with and this is what I ended up doing:

Things To Do Between Classes In USIU

  • Tour the campus
  • Club meetings
  • Course advising
  • Visit your professor’s office
  • Check assignment deadlines
  • Prep for the next class
  • Study

Tour your campus

You will notice that these get more serious as we go down the list and lol this is basically what happens as you progress in your undergrad, other things gradually fall away, and slowly studying becomes the main priority anyway I digress.

When I first joined USIU I used my breaks to tour the school. The campus is fairly big so I thought the breaks would be a great opportunity for me to know where everything was for my convenience later on. This was really great. It is very convenient knowing where all the offices are.

Club meetings

I also used my breaks between classes for club meetings. Most clubs meet between the class that ends at 12:40 and the class that begins at 1:20 so I visited a couple to see what they were about.

You are free to join club meetings even if you aren’t a member, you can just audit them, and this would be a great way for you to find a club you’re interested in.

Course advising

Lol, as earlier stated things get more serious and your breaks will become more meaningful and important as you go along. Use your break to see a course advisor, talk about your grades, and how to improve them, and if they’re already great then find out how to keep them that way.

Visit your Professor’s office

This is the perfect time to, first of all, find out where your professors’ offices are and secondly to consult. I talked about this in my blog post on how to create a good rapport with USIU professors, consultation is very important. If you have questions or concerns, this will be the time to follow up on them.

Check assignment deadlines

As you get closer to being a senior, you will have more and more assignments and more deadlines to stay on top of. I am telling you this from experience, there were times I had already done an assignment.

But I hadn’t printed it, so during the break, while I’m perusing my notebook, I’d spot a highlighted section with an assignment and its deadline. Man, that saved me so many times, and it will save you too if you use your break to practice some housekeeping.

Prep for the next class

Use your breaks to look at your class notebook and see if there was something you ought to have done before attending said class. This will help with the rapport I talked about in a previous post. USIU lecturers love conscientious students.

If he/she gave a reading assignment use this time to either read it or read it again in preparation for the class and just make sure that everything is in order, go to the bathroom, freshen up your makeup and make sure that before the class begins you are ready for it.


Finally, the most important thing you could do during your breaks. This will depend on how long your break is. It is very common for USIU students to have a break between their classes that is the length of a whole class.

Make sure you don’t waste this time. Use this time to study you will not regret this. Also don just always study in the library. I mean the USIU library is stunning and is almost all glass, well lit and ventilated but it’s still a library so it’s a bit dull.

Go study someplace else like the square outside the auditorium or the gazebos near the school clinic or mama Africa or the study hall on the third floor of Frieda Brown student Centre. Don’t make studying something you dread :).

I really hope this helps. If you find this helpful then let me know in the comment section below and share this with your classmates so they can get helped as well. Until the next time put on your mask, sanitize, and keep a healthy social distance!

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