5 Important services provided by academic advisers
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5 Important services provided by academic advisers

Important services provided by college academic advisers.

While the role of a college career office might be a little unclear, I feel like the roles of academic advisers are a little more obvious, but to be sure, we shall look at 5 key roles played by your college academic advisers.

As I said in my post about 12 services provided by College career offices, these points are arranged in alphabetical order, not in order of importance.

Services provided by College Course Advisers

1.     Academic resources

While your college library will carry the majority of your academic books and stuff, the academic advising office will help you with academic resources that help you in terms of your study and learning styles.

Their job is to support your academic endeavors, making sure that you are putting effort where it counts. Some students learn best visually, others through audio. Their job is to help you figure out what your learning style is, as well as how to hone in on it.

2.     Monitoring academic performance

Your college academic advisers also help you monitor your GPA. This is not something they just butt into though, this is something you have to ask of them.

If you are trying to raise your GPA then they can be part of your journey and help you keep an eye on it and not only that, but they can also help you raise it over time, which I have explained below.

3.     Strategic academic planning

What is strategic academic planning exactly? I shall answer this with an example based on real events. In the third semester of my freshman year, I woke up and decided that I was going to raise my GPA and that I would graduate with a 3.5 GPA or higher.

That was the first time I made my way to the academic advisers’ offices. I realized that they are like academic genies. What my academic adviser did was for starters look at how I’m doing at the moment, then she went on to create class combinations for me that would help me do well continuously.

If you are an undergrad you know just how hard it is to raise a college GPA, it takes determination, and hard work but above all consistency and that’s what strategic planning secures.

Strategically planning out your courses will make sure that you are getting a semester average of 4.0 consistently.

4.     Transition into campus

While in some countries high school and college campuses work the same, in other countries they don’t work the same, and it is for that and a few other reasons that college academic advisers exist.

Did you know that your course advisers have access to previously administered exams? If you are concerned about the structure of exams at your university or the distribution of points per question and such, then head over to your academic adviser block and have them put your mind at ease.

5.     Tutor programs

Seeing as the main focus of academic advising is academics, then it is only fitting that the course advising unit is in charge of linking tutors and tutees.

When you feel like you are really struggling with a course, then fear not, that is why the academic advising office exists. They will listen to all your tutoring needs and fit you as the perfect tutor for the job, and if you are a super smart smarty-pants then this could be a great on-campus gig for you.

If you didn’t know what academic advisers do, then I hope this answers your question comprehensively. There is a part one to this explaining services provided by College career offices and I shall link it for you here if you want to check it out.

Come back for more posts on college and lifestyle, I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. See you then!

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