5 Benefits of personal branding using social media
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5 Benefits of personal branding using social media

Benefits of personal branding using social media.

In a world that is becoming more and more digital, I think we can all agree that it is also becoming increasingly difficult to have a voice that is actually being heard. It is for that reason that personal branding is becoming absolutely crucial.

Not too long ago I wrote a piece on creating a personal brand using social media and if you haven’t read it I shall link it for you here, but today we shall look at the benefits of said personal branding in 2021.

Everyone is trying to have a voice. Everyone is trying to become an influencer, which makes it imminent to be a brand if you are trying to create your own influence. Having already established that building a brand takes authenticity, consistency, and time, let’s see what benefits you’ll be enjoying once you succeed.

1. Stand out

I figured I should start with the most important benefit and work my way down. The greatest benefit of establishing your brand is that you get to stand out. Social media is only going to get more crowded, so it is crucial to stand out from all the noise. It is crucial to have a voice that can be heard. It is crucial to create an image that is difficult to forget, and personal branding will ensure that.

2. Credibility

After much deliberation between me and myself, we decided that credibility is more important than influence.


Because credibility breeds influence. If you want people to trust you, then you need to be a credible source of information. Credibility means that people trust your word, that they can trust your opinion, and respect your take on certain issues, and this leads us seamlessly into the third benefit.

3. Influence

Credibility leads us straight into influence. Once you establish your credibility within the community that you’ve created then naturally you’ll begin to create influence and isn’t that the word on every millennial’s lips today?

You want to be able to tell people your opinion and have them take action based on that, right? Being a brand affords you this and more.

4. Attract opportunity

Speaking of more, how about opportunity? One of the greatest benefits of establishing your personal brand is that it attracts opportunities from all over the place, especially from like-minded individuals.

Say for instance you are in the tech space, it’s great being able to be an authority in a field that you love, in a field that you are passionate about but more than that, what’s more, exciting is getting to work with the companies and the people that you as a brand look up to.

Companies that you believe in. Also, give you the opportunity to increase your reach as a brand.

5. Loyalty [community]

Last but simply not least is loyalty. In my post about how to build a personal brand using social media, I make it clear that it is hard, especially if you are in a niche space.

However, the benefits of all that research, application, trial, and error are creating a community of like-minded individuals who love you. That loyalty from your community will be what makes you a force.

To recap, establishing a personal brand will be difficult but if you do the work then you can be sure it will pay off you simply need to be patient and consistent, and it will happen.

The benefits to look forward to include standing out in an ever more crowded and seemingly saturated space, you also have credibility and influence to look forward.

Among the benefits of being a brand is also attracting opportunities from people in the space you are in, and finally loyalty. Any power you have comes from the loyalty of the community you’ve built around your personal brand.

Finally, you might think that it is too full, that 2021 is too late to start, but I am here to tell you that there is always room for your voice. If you haven’t read my last post, then I shall link it here for you.

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